måndag 31 maj 2010

Day 143-151

Day 143: My back yard. My apples trees are in full bloom.

Day 144: We took a walk around the lake.

Day 145: Apple blossoms

Day 146: DS Samuel

Day 147: In my garden...

Day 148: A yummy desert. Ice-cream, meringue, banana, whipped cream and sprinkles...

Day 149: At work...

Day 150: My little baby brother Sebastian died a long, long time ago, this is his little grave. He is sleeping with the angels...

Day 151: My daughter and son.

lördag 22 maj 2010

Day 137-142

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Day 137:
View from Peters hotel-room in Fiskebäckskil. It's on the Swedish west-coast, about 2 hours from where we live.

Day 138: Spring flowers in the evening light.

Day 139: This is my DD Cassandra.

Day 140: I finally got some time to put this little flower into a pot with dirt, the roots we're very, very long so it wasn't a moment to soon.... I've kept in a glass of water for ages....

Day 141: View from Fiskebäckskil, Bohuslän, Sweden.

Day 142: Happy Birthday, Olivia 5 years :))

söndag 16 maj 2010

Day 134-136

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Day 134: This little gnome has his home in my cousins garden. We had dinner at my cousins on friday night.

Day 135: We visited out friends at their cottage in Falkenberg. This is Thomas waving good-bye.

Day 136: My boys came home from Pirate camp with some new treasures :))

torsdag 13 maj 2010

Day 128-133

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Day 133:
The boys are ready for pirate camp.

Day 132: My darling hubby Peter.

Day 131: View from Lake Aspen (Lerum, Sweden)

Day 130: Beef in marinade, ready for some pan frying.

Day 129: This is my tomato plant, it's ready for my green house.

Day 128: Lunch in the back yard

fredag 7 maj 2010

Day 119-127

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Day 127: Twice a year, at work, we do a "field-trip together". So we took a boat trip to Eriksberg and saw the exhibition "and there was light" about Michelangelo, Rafael and Da Vinci.

Day 126: Waiting for the train back home....

Day 125: Stockholm by the sea side.

Day 124: A wood-anemone reaching for the sky.

Day 123: More signs of spring.

Day 122: Me amongst the wood-anemone.

Day 121: My DS William.

Day 120: Next step on my trip: the train station in Karlstad.

Day 119: A attended a seminar in Stockholm.