söndag 31 maj 2009

Day 151

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Day 151: Today we celebrate mothers day and my darling children surprised me with these cute gifts.

My sweethearts :)))

Day 147-150

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Day 147: I have spent three days at a conference center at the Swedish west coast, in a small cillage called Nösund, Orust. I've spent many summers on this island, it's just lovely here.

Day 148: Fish heads in "Mollösund". Well, what can I say :)) I liked the angle.

Day 149: The weather was just lovely. It was perfect weather for swiming and sun bathing. We spent most of the time indoors, but I made a short walk at the dock.

Day 150: Me, DH and the boys went to a restaurant and ate tacos. Yummy :)))

tisdag 26 maj 2009

Day 143-146

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Day 143: Samuel enjoys a small nap in the sun. He looks so relexad.

Day 144: Blue sky and a dandelion, lovely isn't it?

Day 145: My friend Sara baked this yummy cake. We celebrated her birthday and her sons (he is also our good-son)

Day 146: Me and my co-worker Sofie appeard on a radio show today about consumer rights. I didn't talk at all today, it's my turn next time :))

fredag 22 maj 2009

Day 141-142

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Day 141: We played in a bridge tournament. It was so fun! We have been playing for 3 months now and we are still newbies but we're learning :))

Day 142: The view from me bedroom window. This is a repeat of day 84, but no snow today. Just rain... *s*.

torsdag 21 maj 2009

Day 140

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Day 140: William is flying his kite in the rain in front of our house.

onsdag 20 maj 2009

Day 139

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Day 139: My kids had a "market" in school and they sold stuff thay made, like home-made soap, cookies etc. Can you find my kids? William is on the right side of the photo, in a grey-white sweater and Samuel is next to him, but you can't see lot of him becasue his teacher is in the way, only his legs and part of his sweater :)))

måndag 18 maj 2009

Day 137-138

Day 137: Here is a new photo of my older son William. He's my little sweetheart too :) He entered in a soccer tournament and his team won. He was so proud.

Day 138: DH was mowing the lawn tonight. I always love the smell of grass when it's cut.

lördag 16 maj 2009

Day 132-136

Day 132: This is such a lovely bush, and it grows in my backyard. For two weeks in the spring it has these lovely flowers. The rest oh the year it's kind of dull.
Day 133: I'm waiting for my train on the wrong side of the tracks. Guess I was sleepy...
Day 134: My darling Samuel :) Mommies little gem :)))
Day 135: My DS Samuel picked this little flower and gave me.
Day 136: The kids playing in my SIL's garden. Thay had a blast :)

måndag 11 maj 2009

Day 130-131

Day 130: We found this lovely tulip when we are out for a walk. It was simply gorgeos!!

Day 131: A lamp and a sign for walkers :) I like to photograph signs.

söndag 10 maj 2009

Day 129

Day 129: We spent almost all day at Liseberg. It's a huge amusement park, both for kids and grown-ups. The whole family had a great time. They also had "gardening days" and this photo is of a "statue" of lemons, cabbage and apples. It was kind of amusing :)

lördag 9 maj 2009

Day 123-128

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Day 123:
My boys :)) I love them so much!! I think this is such a sweet photo of them. I especially like Williams profile in this photo.

Day 124: This is a bridge in my town, Gothenburg. I'm on my way to work.

Day 125: Uppsala cathedral, this is one of Swedens oldest church. I spent two days in Uppsala attending a conferance about consumer rights.

Day 126: This is the conference center in Uppsala. It was a very modern building with lots of windows ;) The view was quit stunning.

Day 127: My hotell room at Scandic Hotel in Stockholm. It was small, dark room without any windows. Nothing for the claustrofobic...I attended a seminar about "householding with the resources of nature". It was very interesting!

Day 128: Grand central station in Stockholm. Wow! I'm on my way home again, finally :)) I spent 4 days on 6 differrent trains this week...

söndag 3 maj 2009

Day 122

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Day 122: Well it's me again and we had such a lovely sunny, funny day :))

lördag 2 maj 2009

Day 121

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Day 121: My sons went on a camping trip and this is a photo of their camp.
Their tent is the first green tent on the left side.

fredag 1 maj 2009

Day 116-120

Day 116: Spring is really here and I have flowers everywhere.
Day 117: I'm working hard in my garden. The first step - cleaning out all the weeds and adding new soil.

Day 118: I went on yet another conferance. This image is of a pasqueflower growing in the wild that I found on a little walk I took on my lunch break.

Day 119: My hotell room at "Lökeberga".

Day 120: This is outside our city hall. My work is behind the white house on the left.