fredag 30 juli 2010

Day 193-211

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söndag 11 juli 2010

Day 182-192

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Day 192: I have this pretty flower in my garden and I absolutely love it!!
Day 191: Me
Day 190: My brother got a new haircut.
Day 189: We attended an arts & crafts fair, her is our show-room. DS Samuel and hubby Peter rests after working with the decorations :)
Day 188: Red flowers below my kitchen window.
Day 187: Meet "Puff", our little bunny-girl.
Day 186: Meet "Piff", our little bunny-boy.
Day 185: DS Samuel playing in the garden.
Day 184: Traffic jam
Day 183: Flowers in my kitchen window.
Day 182: We went to get the rabbits, and this is one of them, he is called "Piff". The kids love him.