måndag 26 oktober 2009

Day 293-Day 298

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Day 293: My office
Day 294: Riksdagshuset at Kronhusbodarna
Day 295: View from Masthugget
Day 296: A rainy day
Day 297: This is me at work :)
Day 298: Samuel eating an ice-cream

måndag 19 oktober 2009

Day 282 - 292

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Day 282: Look at this lovely autumn sky!!

Day 283: DS Samuel is baking a cake.

Day 284: Me and the boys.

Day 285: We went to a friend and she trated us with these yummy cakes.

Day 286: Cinnamon coffee.

Day 287: Antoher night in spent in a hotell in Stockholm.

Day 288: My hotell room had a water boiler, tea and cold drinks.

Day 289: An old mill in Kungälv.

Day 290: William in the sun.

Day 291: Samuel on his bike.

Day 292: IKEA, I bought lots of candles and new mugs.

torsdag 8 oktober 2009

Day 273-281

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Day 273: A pine trea
Day 274: My darling mom came to visit us!! We had a great time together.
Day 275: My birthday...Presents :))
Day 276: A cake for my birthday party
Day 277: My DS William with his sister winter "hat"
Day 278: A bowl of soup
Day 279: My hotell room at hotell Adlon, Stockholm.
Day 280: A sign on the bathroom door at my hotell.
Day 281: Hötorget, Stockholm