onsdag 30 juni 2010

Day 177-181

(Click on the photos)

Day 177: A smoothie made by my dd. Yum...

Day 178: We took a trip to Nolhagaparken in Alingsås to play some mini-golf but the course was closed :(

Day 179: My boys crawled into the trunk of my car, It doesn't look very comfortable though.

Day 180: Purple flowers reaching for the blue sky.

Day 181: My dd bought a pair of rabbits and this old cage. She spent all day cleaning and fixing it up. A little paint and it's as new again :)))

fredag 25 juni 2010

Day 163-175

Day 163: An angel in my window.

Day 164: My DS William.

Day 165: Holding hands.

Day 166: Wildflowers.

Day 167: My DS Samuel.

Day 168: Playing by the seaside.

Day 169: Waterlilies.

Day 170: Me and hubby all together :)

Day 171: William attended a soccer cup. He was very proud that he played against FC Barcelona.

Day 172: Grilled chicken breast....*yummy*

Day 173: Green tomatoes growing fast in the sunshine.

Day 174: Look at the door and the flowers... I just love this!

Day 175: We spent the day at Läckö slott.

Day 176: Midsummer celebration in Gråbo. Me (right) and Lotta (left) in the grass.

lördag 12 juni 2010

Day 157-162

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Day 157: My mom and Josef at "Sannegårdshamnen" in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Day 158: Apple blossom

Day 159: William by the water

Day 160: My hibiscus plant only blossoms for a day, it's lovely!

Day 161: Finally - Schools out!! William got the honor to carry the flag.

Day 162: It was raining almost all day. But I finally got a glimpse of the sun...

lördag 5 juni 2010

Day 152-156

(Click on the photos)

Day 152: My azaleas in full bloom. They smell wonderful!!

Day 153: Dinner :)

Day 154: Conference at Aspenäs Herrgård (Lerum, Sweden)

Day 155:My DS William made some homemade ice-cream *yummy*

Day 156: Samuel in the sun.