tisdag 29 september 2009

Day 263-272

Day 263: My kitchen utencils
Day 264: A pile of wood
Day 265: My DS Samuel loves his sausage and egg-sandwich :))
Day 266: Flowers
Day 267: I hate these little buggers... Black discusting snails...
Day 268: This is the boys latest hobby, creating soap.
Day 269: A friends barn, I love the old pieces hanging on the wall.
Day 270: Fly agaric or fly Amanita in the wild.
Day 271: My breakfast, every day... I eat lots and lots of eggs. No bread, just eggs :))
Day 272: A bowl of yoghurt with honey, my son William loves it...

lördag 19 september 2009

Day 256-262

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Day 256: We had a birthday party for William. This photo is from were we sang for him.

Day 257: Father and son... My handsome men :))

Day 258: Samuel got some gum in his hair. Instead of asking me for help to remove it, he took a pair of scissors and cut it away :((

Day 259: Fall is here...

Day 260: These are our trash bins. Not a very funny photo, I know, but taking the trash here is part of our daily routine. To be honest it's the boys job :)

Day 261: Ice cream and fresh berries... Seems yummy, but since I'm on a diet I didn't eat this, but my kids did.

Day 262: We went for a walk with the boys today and this is a photo from where we stopped at the playground. They dont play there very much anymore, but today they did... My boys are growing up so fast!!

söndag 13 september 2009

Day 250-255

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Day 250: It's time for our paper recycling again. We had a lot to take to the recycling station this month. This is just a fraction *s*.

Day 251: My sweethearts :)) It's a joy the see the boys like this once in a while not just fighting with each other which is the more common sight.

Day 252: William turned 11. Happy Birthday sweetie!! We had a small family celcbration, the birthday party is on sunday.

Day 253: These are some grapes growing in my green house, they are really tasty.

Day 254: Laundry day...Nothing more to say accept almost every day is laundry day *s*

Day 255: Dinner... Chickenbreast, basil, mozarella and tomatoes. Yummy :))

måndag 7 september 2009

Day 246-249

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Day 246: Dill is one of my favourite herbs. I always have fresh dill in my kitchen.
Day 247: This is a small wooden bowl for salt and peppar. This bowl is made by SagaForm and i think they have som really cool designs.
Day 248: This geranaium is growing in my garden. I just adore the pink and green combo.
Day 249: My DD Cassandra.

onsdag 2 september 2009

Day 240 -245

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Day 240: Samuel is laying under the table in the living room and the only thing I saw was his feet beneath the table :)
Day 241: William arrived at soccer-camp, eating a small snack in the car.
Day 242: The boys at camp before practice. This is how they travelled to the soccer-field :))
Day 243: My DS Samuel
Day 244: My DD Cassandra and DS William
Day 245: These tomatoes are growing in my backyard.