torsdag 27 augusti 2009

Day 231-239

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Day 231: A spider building a web on our house.
Day 232: DH doing some work in out garden.
Day 233: My roses.
Day 234: My cousin is preparing dinner "hungarian style" in his garden.
Day 235: A yummy sallad with lots of feta cheese.
Day 236: Another garden party. I'm the girl in black :)
Day 237: My favourite garden flower.
Day 238: DS William
Day 239: A huge elk visited our back yard, and he ate lots of apples from our trees.

onsdag 19 augusti 2009

Day 219-230

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Day 219: We took a trip to Fårup sommarland in Denmark. My entire family was jumping together on a huge trampoline. We had such a fun day here. It was lovely!

Day 220: My son William and my friend Neda at Gunnebo Castle. They have lots of lovely flowers growing in the park.

Day 221: DD Cassandra and DS Samuel.

Day 222: I've got a new work space in our bedroom. We bought a new shelf, desk, chair and lamp.

Day 223: At Stockevik, Tjörn. This is a small village at the Swedish coast. Lovely! We spent the day at a friends house.

Day 224: Sunflowers growing on a field.

Day 225: We took a trip to Stockholm for 4 days. This is day one of our visit and this is a lovely view of Stockholm.

Day 226: Peter and a Lemur at "Skansen", a huge outdoor museum and zoo.

Day 227: We are eating waffles outside of Drottningholms Slott.

Day 228: Stockholms castle, from the water. We took a boat trip around the Stockholm archipelago.

Day 229: My son William

Day 230: Blowing in the wind...

fredag 7 augusti 2009

Day 218

(Click on the image for a larger view - and this is a must see :))

Day 218:This beautiful dragon fly landed on an old wooden table at the summer house mom has renting for the summer. Me, mom and DS William leaned at the table and as soon as we moved even the tiniest bit it flew away. So I had to be quick with my camera.

onsdag 5 augusti 2009

Day 208-217

Day 208: My friend Lotta
Day 209: DH is barbequeing chicken on the grill.
Day 210: My mom is painting, she sat next to me at the painting course we attended.
Day 211: Some of the other girls at the painting class.
Day 212: When we had a coffe break they served in the room next door, home made cookies and coffee.
Day 213: My plate
Day 214: The whole group made tea jars. Mine is the second from the right in the middle row (pink/green).
Day 215: DH got some medicin for his cough.
Day 216: Apples in my garden
Day 217: My mom made this necklace in glass and silver. I LOVE IT!!! And now it's mine :)))

She sells the necklaces aswell (almost as pretty as mine *s*):

Take a look here:
click on the link Bizuteria